Securing Candor

Moving together from an unsafe to a safe working environment

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Moving together from an unsafe to a safe working environment

We offer a scalable solution for building an open and safe learning/working environment. This Blended Learning program consists of thinking (knowledge development) and especially doing (skill development).

The Psychological Safety Challenge is designed to help organizations build psychological safety at the team level. The platform aims to get people moving through a unique combination of content, action, reflection and a learning community amongst the participants. This makes it possible to engage large groups with psychological safety.
The program consists of two parts

Five Steps for Team Leaders:

These steps prepare team leaders to guide their team through the 10 steps with the team. They get started with knowledge of psychological safety and also what it means to them. Why do they engage with it? What does it benefit them? What their team? What challenges do they see for themselves here? They are also encouraged to seek each other out to help each other develop the open and safe working climate in practice.

Ten steps with the team:

These steps take the team by the hand to practice psychological safety with each other. Again, the steps consist of knowledge and skills. Doing the tasks with the team in particular makes the skill really practiced. Ultimately it is about experimenting, reflecting and learning with each other in order to build psychological safety with each other.

The program is designed to give participants insight into what psychological safety means and how to promote it, so that team leaders and team members can practice building psychological safety.

Through both programs, participants have the opportunity to:

  • Understand what psychological safety is and why it is important
  • Inspire psychological safety in their team and organization
  • Practice psychological safety in their team
  • Promote psychological safety in their team

With a focus on these outcomes, the modules are designed to foster a safe and open team environment where everyone feels included, valued - and able to contribute. This improves performance, innovation and job satisfaction.

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